Fall 2016 Neighborhood Association Meeting

Tuesday, October 25, 7pm @ Gardenside Christian Church Gym


  • Hear about neighborhood projects and events
  • Offer ideas and suggestions for our neighborhood
  • Brainstorm ways to revitalize the Alexandria/Lane Allen corridor from Versailles to Garden Springs
  • Most of all - meet your neighbors and District 11 Council Member Peggy Henson
  • Door prizes & Refreshments will be available

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We will learn about recent upgrades to Gardenside Park and about work to revitalize the Alexandria Drive and Lane Allen Road corridor from Versailles Road to Garden Springs Drive. Come share your opinions about ways to bring that area to life so that it better serves our neighborhood. A change to the GNA By-laws will also be voted on. Read on to see the proposed change in language up for vote at the Oct. 25 meeting.

Amendment to the Gardenside Neighborhood Association By-Laws:

Article VIII Board of Directors.
Delete the following passage:
• The Past President will serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee, which will bring forward a slate of Board members at the annual meeting. Others can be nominated from the floor. Replace it with:
• A Nominating Committee will be appointed by the GNA President, consisting of a current board member, a past board member, and a member of the Gardenside Neighborhood Association. A Board member running for re-election will not be appointed to the Nominating Committee.
• The fall newsletter will include an invitation for nominations, and nominees will be sought throughout the year.
• Members of GNA may nominate themselves or other members. Members of the Nominating Committee may nominate themselves or other members. All nominees must be dues paying members of GNA at the time of the election.
• The Nominating Committee will nominate one or more individuals for each officer position and for each board position. The nominations will be presented in the spring newsletter, along with a short personal statement for each nominee, describing why they are interested in serving and what they bring to the organization. No nominations will be accepted from the floor.
• Elections will be held at the Annual meeting in the spring.